Camping in the Chassezac gorges

The Chassezac gorges are only about 30 minutes away from our campsite in Lagorce. Less well known than the Ardèche gorges, they are no less impressive. After enjoying the swimming-pool and the facilities of our 5-star campsite in the Ardèche, don’t miss the chance to visit this natural gem. Afterwards, all you have to do is relax in your comfortable chalet on the domain before starting your next day’s holiday !

What is the Chassezac Gorges ?

The Gorges of Chassezac are located in the Ardèche department. They are more than 10 km long and separate the Ardèche from the Cévennes.

The Chassezac River winds through the plains of the Ardèche and is a popular place for rock climbing. Its natural cliffs make it a prime location for both summer sports and for viewing the majestic scenery.

The landscapes on both sides of the Chassezac are incredible. The gorges are deep, while the rocky and steep surroundings alternate between scrubland and wild waterfalls.

According to your desires, you can find yourself in the heights to succumb to the panorama or below to stay as close as possible to the green nature.

« Slow tourism » in the Chassezac Gorges

The Gorges of Chassezac are the ideal destination for slow tourism lovers.

If you want to immerse yourself in the local culture it is necessary to take your time.

The region is renowned for its gastronomy and well known for its chocolate and cheese production. So don’t hesitate to talk to the craftsmen and shopkeepers to discover our local products.

The Chassezac valley also has an important historical heritage. Whether it is natural or man-made, it is still admirable. Pass through the small villages and take the remote paths to learn more about it. Don’t forget to stop along the way to chat with the locals and enjoy a typical meal.

Why go to the Chassezac gorges ?

The Gorges of Chassezac are obviously the favourite meeting place for tourists in search of visual wonder. They offer superb walks in colourful hues and a pleasant environment where you can easily be carried away by the warm atmosphere that reigns there.

You can practice the following activities in the gorges :

  • Hiking : You can walk on the different paths of the region, along the gorges or in the heart of the luxuriant vegetation. It’s up to you to choose the route that suits you in the impressive Ardèche scrubland.

    A walk that is really worth the detour is undoubtedly that of the Bois de Païolive! The visit of this mysterious world will consist in crossing this magic forest area in order to discover its secrets. The strange and unique sculptures that occupy it are not to be found elsewhere in France. These limestone blocks formed by erosion are similar to dolmens and bring a spellbinding touch to your excursion.

  • Mountain bike : Enjoy the calm and beauty of the gorges by bike. This means of transport allows you to combine sporting activity with the discovery of the landscapes of the Chassezac. Various routes of different levels cover the territory. Hilly, sloping, steep, each portion of your route will be a fun challenge to meet.

    Among the possible itineraries, some are directly at the foot of the gorge while others are longer and lead to the countryside.

  • Climbing or Via Corda : There is nothing like the Gorges du Chassezac to practice climbing or via Corda. Once at the top of the cliff, you will admire the river and the view of the horizon will leave you speechless. You will have the satisfaction of having gone all the way and the feeling of having accomplished a real little feat. Your reward will be to admire a sublime view that is yours for a moment.

  • Paragliding and extreme sports: This area with its diverse environment welcomes thrill-seekers every year. Throw yourself into the void to get your adrenaline pumping while getting high or choose colourful activities to access the most remote corners.

Water activities in the Chassezac gorges

In the Chassezac Gorge, visitors can enjoy a wide variety of water activities in the river and surrounding waterways.

The river in particular is a world-class destination for kayakers and canoeists. In the Chassezac gorges, the river is ideal for this type of sport.

Among all the water sports you can find :

  • Canoeing: Depending on the water level, canoeing can be a fun adventure. It’s an activity that the whole family can enjoy and it brings a lot of excitement. Canoeing is rife in the Chassezac gorges.

  • Swimming: The clear water and the relaxing setting of the Chassezac gorges are perfect for swimming. The place is ideal to bask in cool water during the hot summer days. The Chassezac gorges in the Ardèche will delight young and old alike.

  • Canyoning or water trekking: Adventure lovers can have a great time in the Ardèche. All you have to do is put on your equipment and go for a water walk along the river. For the more experienced, a canyoning session will satisfy you. Indeed, the difference between the two disciplines lies simply in the difficulty of the course.

  • Fishing: The river Chassezac flows through a variety of landscapes, so you will find different types of fish. Along the way, under the slabs, pebbles and rocks, you will be able to see trout and other species in greater or lesser quantities.

Whatever the boat, whatever the activity, approaching the Chassezac gorges remains a unique experience: an accessible canyon, a wild river where you can enjoy swimming, fishing or canoeing, what more could you ask for ?

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