To walk around in Ardèche

From our 5-star campsite in the Ardèche, you have access to countless natural sites. This place is a real call to discover the landscapes of our territory. At Domaine de Sévenier, you will have the opportunity to spend a relaxing holiday in a pleasant environment. It is a friendly place with comfortable accommodation where well-being and good humour prevail.

Why visit the Ardèche ?

The Ardèche and its region offer a wealth of landscapes from the green countryside to the majestic cliffs of the gorges to the beauty of the canyons and the splendour of the caves.

It is a region that has preserved its authentic character and its agricultural and rural cultural heritage, which is expressed through its varied landscapes, rich biodiversity and traditional crafts.

Visiting the Ardèche and its region is also like travelling through history. This trip will take you through prehistory to the blossoming of the Gallo-Roman culture. You will also visit medieval buildings and fortified villages before returning to our time, in a preserved natural environment.

Where to walk in the Ardèche ?

Hiking in the Ardèche

There is a wide choice of walks in the Ardèche for all levels. You can choose between a walk in a natural park, a canyon crossing or a mountain climb.

In addition, the region contains a number of well-marked hiking trails that take you past the well-known tourist attractions and hidden treasures of the Ardèche.

For a gentle stroll or a challenging experience, head for the gorges of the region. Alternatively, opt for a flat path, which runs alongside the villages and takes you gently from one natural site to another. Enjoy a good dose of fresh air in the forest and let yourself be guided by nature trails while contemplating the fauna and flora. For the more adventurous, tackle the steepest sites where the difference of level is a little more pronounced, but where the view is well worth ! For this kind of walk, it is preferable to leave for the day, so think of bringing your picnic.

Cycling in the Ardèche

A cycling trip is a perfect way to escape the frenetic pace of city life. In this idyllic environment of the Ardèche, you can contemplate the natural wonders while doing a fun physical activity.

You can choose to embark on a long cycling trip through unspoilt wilderness on La Dolce Via. This almost 100 km long greenway runs along the Eyrieux valley on the old railway line. This bike-friendly trail will give you great memories if you complete it.

The Ardèche department offers a wide variety of landscapes for cycling and mountain biking.

Hills of the Ardèche, for example, are perfect for mountain biking. Routes are adapted to all levels of difficulty. From the easiest to the most complicated: green, blue, red and black.

The simplest routes are mainly through forests and then in the middle of the hills. The more complex ones are technical with many obstacles, steep climbs and descents. The latter are rather demanding and reserved for the most experienced

Unusual walks in the Ardèche

By train

The prestigious Train de l’Ardèche is waiting for you! You can board this historic steam train on the famous Ardèche railway line in the Doux valley in the north of the department.

Each of the proposed courses can be adapted to the rhythm of your holidays:

  • Mastrou
  • Train des Gorges
  • Boucieu Steam
  • Lamastre Express
  • Market Train

So you won’t miss the opportunity to explore the valley, between fairy tale forest and charming sunsets. It is a pristine nature that offers itself to you during the journey. All you have to do is to open your eyes and observe the landscape while enjoying the secrets that the guide can tell you.

By vélorail

In a small machine which generally accommodates between 1 and 6 people, you will be able to travel through the Ardèche countryside in an original way. On the railway line adapted to your vehicle, you will pedal at your own pace and enjoy together the nature that is offered to you

The velorail of the southern Ardèche

On this bike ride, which is only 20 minutes away from the campsite, you will cross hills and pass by several viaducts. You will even pass through a tunnel.

Count on 1h30 for this quiet family ride where you will progress at the rhythm of your pedal strokes.

The Velorail of the Doux gorges

This velorail offers different routes that will take you through the Doux valley and its scenery worthy of the most beautiful postcards. Adapted to all types of profiles, the routes all prove to be a beautiful and atypical excursion.

Discover the most beautiful villages of the Ardèche

In the villages of the Ardèche, the stones have been heated by the southern sun for generations.

With their medieval appearance, the walls of the buildings are filled with the love of tradition. These villages represent a memorable stage of your journey in the Ardèche.

There are many villages you can visit in the Ardèche. The most popular are undoubtedly Vallon Pont d’Arc, Vogüé, Balazuc, Labeaume, but there are many more. Each of them has its own history and its own assets. But what they all have in common is undoubtedly their irresistible charm and the warm welcome that their inhabitants give you. Leaning against the cliffs, these villages will take you along the alleys into their romantic past.

The essentials of the Ardèche

  • The Ardèche gorges: It is an immense canyon of more than 30 km long dug by the waters of the Ardèche. You can go through it by river or by land. This journey will take you through breathtaking environments.
  • The Chassezac gorges : Cutting the plateau in two, the gorges of Chassezac are just as impressive as their big sister. It is easy to get lost for hours in this exceptional landscape.
  • Aven d’Orgnac : Discover the grandiose Aven d’Orgnac and its underground chambers that invite you to daydream and to imagine. It is also in this place that you will be able to deepen the history of our ancestors in Ardèche!
  • Chauvet 2 cave : Dive into the heart of prehistory by entering the replica of the Grotte de Chauvet. This space is a reconstruction of the original that you can explore without risk. This experience will allow you to learn more about the Aurignacians and their way of life.
  • Mont Gerbier de Jonc and Mont Mézenc : These two ancient volcanic peaks are among the most emblematic of the Ardèche. The panorama that you will have the opportunity to observe at their highest point is magnificent. The first one is the source of the Loire river while the second one is the highest massif of Ardèche.
  • Pont d’Arc : This natural edifice of nearly 60 meters high as well as wide has served as a bridge over the Ardèche for thousands of years. Every year it attracts many curious people who are always surprised by the charm that reigns there.

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