Place to swim in the Ardèche

During your stay at the campsite in Lagorce : Domaine de Sévenier & Spa, it is quite normal that you will enjoy one of the many rivers or watering places in the area. These are ideal spots for swimming, in clear and pleasant water, with a privileged view of the surrounding nature.

Why swim in the Ardèche ?

The Ardèche is a river that runs through the department of the same name in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. It is one of the most popular river in France for its outdoor activities, including swimming. The river contains many natural springs and small waterfalls, providing a constant supply of fresh water that will delight swimming enthusiasts.

The Ardèche river is long and has many tributaries, which offers even more opportunities to enjoy it. There are also plenty of potential swimming spots in the pristine nature that you can discover.

Where to swim in the Ardèche ?

The Ardeche  river is a fantastic place to swim. It is a very large river which has many swimming spots along its length.

In each of the places mentioned, there are small beaches and access to the water. Some of the more popular ones have a sandbank and a rather large swimming area, which is perfect for families and groups of friends.

Other, more intimate spots have a small access to the river and are more suitable for couples and friends looking for tranquility. It’s up to you to find your favourite entry point to the water.

  • Bathing in the gorges of the Ardèche

    The Ardèche gorges are a series of deep, narrow canyons that were carved out by the river Ardèche. The canyons are surrounded by spectacular cliffs and waterfalls.

    The gorges are a popular touristic destination in the South of France.

  • Swimming at the Cirque de Gens

    The Cirque de Gens is a natural swimming pool in the Gorges of Ardèche. The water in the Cirque de Gens is no warmer than the surface water of other rivers. It is controlled by the natural curve of the rock and is sheltered from the sun by a large overhanging cliff.

  • Bathing at the Pont d’Arc Arch

    Under the Pont d’Arc Arch, there are several beaches that tourists love. It is the meeting point of all those who wish to have a bath in the Ardèche. All this under the imposing arch, which provides a little shade on hot summer days.

  • Bathing in the gorges of Labeaume

    In the Labeaume Gorges, the crystal clear water is so clean that you can see the rocky bottom. This is where many visitors choose to swim, right next to the picturesque village of Labeaume.

  • Bathing in the Chassezac gorges

    The river Chassezac crosses the Ardèche for about 20 km before joining the Rhône in a spectacular series of waterfalls. Less well known than the Ardèche gorges, they are no less spectacular.

  • Bathing in the Ibie Valley in Ardèche

    The Ibie valley is located in the Ardèche region in France. Swimming is quite popular in the Ibie valley, although spots are rarer than elsewhere. It is located right next to our establishment and passes through Lagorce.

  • Bathing near the village of Balazuc

    On a beautiful summer’s day, don’t miss the beach at Balazuc on the banks of the River Ardèche. Whether you want to swim or just take a walk, we recommend that everyone takes advantage of it !

Swimming conditions in the Ardèche

The best conditions for an incredible swimming experience in the Ardèche are between April and October. During these months the water level is more than adequate (a little lower around July and August) and the water temperature is around 25 to 28 degrees. You will feel very well!

Also remember to bring sun cream to avoid sunburn, protection against the sun (glasses, cap…) and water shoes for those who want more comfort. All you need is a buoy and your towel before having hours of fun !

An ideal campsite in the Ardèche for enjoying the joys of swimming

Domaine de Sévenier & Spa is a village of chalets in the Ardèche. It has a heated outdoor swimming-pool in the heart of a green setting. In this 5-star establishment, you will find everything you need for a peaceful holiday to discover the Ardèche and its wonders.

Our campsite is a delight for swimming enthusiasts because of its privileged location.

This campsite in the Ardèche is the ideal place to relax and recharge your batteries while enjoying the best that nature has to offer.

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